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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  March 8, 2018 4:30am-5:01am EST

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hour this morning, so beware there could be slick spots, and meisha will talk about that. it feels colder when you factor in the breeze, feels like 27 in philadelphia, 25 in wilmington. 28 degrees in allentown a lot of us are waking up to the feels like numbers in the 20's here's you're witness weather daily planner, 37 degrees heading in the 9:00 o'clock hour, tons of sunshine, trying to warm up by noon with the temperature around 41. we will top out at 45 degrees, well above freezing so that should help with a lot of melting out there. let's send it over to meisha for a check of the roads. >> good morning, chelsea. we are looking at the roadways and, we are monitoring and looking at where it looks the most icy. this is an air use that is still looking very slick and icy. route 23, at fey yet street, that is where we saw a lot of problem areas, yesterday. so many people were actually
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stuck in this snow. big problem spots, you will not be stuck in the snow. you can see that clearly. but what might happies more vehicles we will get out there we might have problems because of all of that ice. ninety-five at cottman however just a contrast here looking actually really good but you can see that sheen on the roadways, and a lot of times when we do have these cold temperature, sometimes, someplace is it cannery freeze over, what was wet refreezing over and we will get black ice and we will have another problem. 309 turnpike looking good, no delays there, and a update from septa we will talk about this coming up in the next 10 minutes, jim and rahel, back over to you. people will be digging out if you have been outside yet you are in for a real work out that snow is thick, heavy and some case is it may be difficult to move a snow blower you i have to do it a old school way and use a shovel. that heavy snow did a number of trees as well. it brought this one down near broad and moore street this one in south philadelphia.
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>> when i pulled up, we heard a crackling sound and then all of a sudden a tree went right down on broad street. >> the city's asking resident not park too close to street corn tours make room for clean up crew is still trying to get by with large trucks. meanwhile this morning we are checking to see if those clean up crews made their way tour area "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is actual any south philadelphia checking the roads. trang do, good morning, what are you seeing. >> reporter: that was a perfect segway because i am in south philadelphia right now. city crews have done a excellent job, with the road is here. i will give you a look so you can see what i'm talking about this is south 20th street, in south philadelphia, you can see, it is pretty much cleared you can see the snow, obviously on the sides, of the roadways and right by the cars but i'll tell you we came from our station, at spring garden, here to south philly, and even the smaller streets we know about these tight, small
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streets, in south philadelphia , they are pretty much, clear. i will say that it was a pretty good thing that the snow, ended so, early, relatively early yesterday, and early evening because crew s were able to get a handle on this snow, that had fallen. here in south philadelphia they were pretty lucky, in comparison to other parts of the our region. checking in with the national weather service, they had spot ters, estimate about 3 inches fell, in this area, and you can see it is pretty much smooth sailing, as far as being in the city. so, because of this city municipal offices are opening up on time, although city schools and archdiocesean schools are on a two hour delay to give those parents a little bit more time. some of the folks need to clean off their cars, a little bit of snow, on some of these cars, people didn't get out. so, fortunately we got bad news for people who were hoping for another snow day, but we are going to head out to another area just to get a sense of what they are dealing with but if you do live in
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south philadelphia you are pretty much good to go. live from the mobile weather watcher, i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". now back to you in the studio. >> thanks, trang do, drive safely. crews are working to restore power to the tens of thousands of customers still in the dark this morning. >> peco reports 60,000 customers are without power, mostly in bucks county. pse&g has 98,000 customers without power, and for ppl, number is almost 3,000. just over 8,000 ac electric customers are currently in the dark and 74 del marva customers are without power. dramatic video shows moment a transformer blew in croyden bucks county, a twit ter user posted this video with the caption, well, if anyone is wondering why croyden lost power. >> bucks county is definitely one of the largest areas with many people waking up in the dark. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live in richboro where they have their work cut
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out for them, good morning. >> reporter: rahel and jim, good morning. peco tells us its crews are working around the clock to restore power to 51,000 customers here in bucks county alone, some of these people have been without power since the last storm, last week's nor'easter, this is a live look this morning at bustleton pike and tanyard road in richboro, bucks county. there is a section of the road still closed because of the down tree and down power lines this is what crews have been dealing with all week long, that wet, heavy snow, added to an already saturated ground has done just so much damage, throughout the delaware and lehigh valleys. lets look at the video. neighbors in bucks county wasted no time, starting, this latest round of clean up, once yesterday's storm blew through this is croyden where neighbors cut through a large oak tree on magnolia avenue due to the wind and heavy snow a woman was inside there when that old tree came down. she was not hurt. a few blocks away, neighbors
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on garfield street were hard at work too their power went out, when a transformer blew and they were bracing for a long night, listen. >> i have a one year-old daughter and it is very cold outside. it will be cold in the house. >> reality of what it is, it is quick but we will wait and see what happens. >> reporter: peco tells us its emergency operations center is now, opened, with all available personnel working to restore power, their main goal , to get everyone's power back on but do tonight a safe manner, they say they are working around the clock. we are reporting live, from richboro, bucks county jan care bay owe for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". new back to you. >> a lot more work a head of them, jan, thank you. a teach in manchester county ocean county is on the mend after she was struck by lightening during the snowstorm. it happened on ridgeway road. the woman was holding an umbrella when the lightening struck. she was taken to the hospital with none in life threatening injuries.
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the late winter blast in south jersey made for a sloppy commute yesterday in moorestown burlington county. snow led to down limbs and slow going on the roads and if that wasn't enough, there was also, thunder snow. >> i was inside comfortably nice and warm, and i heard a loud cracking and i ran outside, and frankly scared a little bit. definitely not something i was expect to go day. >> different experience seeing lightening, thunder in the middle of the all of the snow and everything. never expect that to happen. >> reporter: it should be easier for drivers to get around after cruz working through the night. we have a lot more to cover from yesterday's major winter storm. >> that is the sound of the rare, weather event that we expected from the nor'easter, find out where thunder snow was captured on camera, coming up next. does worrying about work have you losing sleep? if so you are not alone i'm
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we have slow motion video at the height of yesterday's nor'easter this was posted to twitter by mike, who took the video looking at the sky in doyletown bucks county. pretty cool, right. >> yes, it looks like a snow globe. >> and did you hear that? the thunder during yesterday's nor'easter caught on cell phone camera by a middle school in monmouth county, 60 miles from philadelphia. but, same issues yesterday including thunder snow. time right now 4:40. >> chelsea has another check of the forecast. today might not be as exciting as thunder snow but i'm pretty excited about the sunshine and melting of the snow. >> i think a lot of people are in the exact same boat as you, rahel. nor'easter aftermath, continued clean up throughout the day-to-day. we will watch, for icy roads,
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snow on the trees, still very, very heavy, lot of water content in that snow that fell yesterday. a lot to watch for down trees and power lines, even today, falling limbs, possible. we could have additional power outages, keeping an eye on things especially this morning but this afternoon a lot of melting will happen and that should help that situation right there. 35 degrees in philadelphia. thirty-four in wilmington. thirty-three in millville. we are waking up to temperatures below freezing, lancaster, slick spots possible there, slushy spots as well, just beware of that, and do i think as we head into the next hour or so we will see these numbers falling down a few more degrees and areas will end up, getting below that freezing mark this morning before we see the numbers rise again. at freezing at willow grove. pottstown at 31 this morning. looking at these snowfall totals, looking at delaware, 10 and a half inches fell in brandywine, around 10 inches. 8 inches in north wilmington. newark 6.6. new castle right around 5.1
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inches. in new jersey we saw totals from three to 9 inches up in to marlton, cherry hill, right around eight and a half inches of snow for yesterday's nor'easter, 12 inches in broomall looking at totals from pennsylvania, 11 inches in bryn mawr, right around 8.2 . so some very interesting numbers, nonetheless, could we be tracking potentially nor'easter number three as we head in the weekend. not all models are in agreement here but looking at gfs, this is on track for potential nor'easter turning up the east coast, so we have that rain, snow potential but when we look at european model this storm actually cuts down by to the south, and heads off shore. euro showing this isn't a issue for us. we have to keep an eye on this potential system as we head into the weekend we have mostly sunny, breezy, chilly, a high of 45 degrees. quick check of you're witness weather forecast keeping a close eye on the weekend as we spring, head, 43 degrees on
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monday, 42 on tuesday. but my issue this morning will be seeing those temperatures potentially dropping below freezing. >> no doubt bit, because anything that melts refreezes. all right, chelsea, thanks very much. it does make me happy to see some 40's in the forecast, that makes me happy, it is the little things. we are looking at ben franklin bridge out there we are still looking slick. one of the things i always say when you see that sheen on the roadway you will not be for sure if that is wet or if that is going to be black ice. because of that just take it easy, slow out there we have some crews out here in conshohocken plowing some snow on route 23 at fey yet street, heads up an area that was very , very busy lots of cars stuck yesterday. they will not be stuck today but we have crews trying to get this cleaned up for you a little bit probably laying down some salt as well just so we don't have any problems there head up they are moving around in that area then road closures in mount laurel because of the down wires in three different areas.
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hartford road is closed near wilmington university. elbow lane closed between day lily drive and springville way and church road is closed near country club parkway. those are three areas with down wires, that have roads, closed in mount laurel. septa market frankford line at broad street regional rails back to regular schedule, buses, some routes are still suspended, cct back in full service, jim, back over to you this won't come as a surprise to many but a lot of people take their work home with them. >> for many job can keep awe wake at night. lou young, explains. >> reporter: you ever lose sleep at work. >> all the time. >> every night. >> reporter: pressures of the job have many workers staying up with worry, new survey from a firm says 15 percent of professionals lose sleep because of work stress very often, while 29 percent say it happens somewhat often. and, men are more likely to be affect then women. >> does it turn your hair gray
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>> no, losing my hair. >> reporter: major reasons people stay up: they are overwhelmed with the amount of work they have to do. >> can't get a problem out of their head. or they are worried about strained relationships with co-workers. >> just worrying about the future, essentially, the personal conflicts at work and sleep. >> that will impact your health and your productivity so you need to find a balance there. >> reporter: bill driscoll says if you cannot find that balance it may be time to make some changes. >> are you in the right line of work? are you overwhelmed? do you need to talk to your boss about your current level of responsibility. >> reporter: phyillis said the problem went away when she quit working. >> i'm a newly retired person so i have a freedom of sleeping better. >> reporter: of course, there are people that don't let work get to them at all. do you stay up, and worry about work. >> not really. >> reporter: according to the study 13 percent never lose sleep thinking about our jobs. lou young, cbs news, new york. >> what do you think. >> i like that lady's work, my
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hard to miss these, a mcdonald's franchise is honoring international women's day by flipping arches upside down to make a w. one hundred other restaurants around the country will also sport these arches, they are all owned by women. it will also be seen on packaging and employee uniforms.
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>> i love that. time for a check on business news. >> money watch's dianne king hall joins us from the new york stock exchange. good morning. mixed session on wall street yesterday and bit coin took another plunge, so what happened. >> reporter: um-hmm, that is right, good morning, rahel and jim. bit coins digital currency losing seven and a half percent of the value on the exchanges, biggest one day decline in a movement prices are falling again this morning so here's background. u.s., japan and britain are moving to tighten, regulations , and that will effect bit coin. japan suspended two exchanges and sec wants to register these concerncy, rahel and jim dianne, st. patrick's day is right around the corner and i understand up the inside scoop on the best places to celebrate. >> reporter: yep, indeed, so, if you live in the north or in chicago you are in luck. wallet hub ranks, the best place to celebrate st. patrick 's day, it is followed
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up by boston, and philly. pennsylvania cities took to top 10 spots. tradition, cost and weather in to account. >> i'm surprised savanna, georgia because they are big down there for st. patrick's day. >> reporter: we were just discussing that, i don't know about savanna. >> a lot of the other won make sense. >> chicago, i went to grad school in chicago, dianne and they dye their river green for st. patrick's day. it is a cool site. >> that, i mean, you can see why, the tradition aspect got them up there on the list. >> go big or go home. >> thanks, dianne. >> we will check in next hour. >> m and m's is rolling out three new flavors, but, but only one will stay on the shelves. >> crunchy espresso, crunchy raspberry, and crunchy mint, will be part of a flavorful campaign. people who try candice can vote by text or social media whether they like snacking on chocolates that taste like a morning cup of coffee,
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something tart or minty fresh. >> okay. a couple in new seal land has paid work tours trade in four wheels for two. >> mint collective is encouraging employees to bike to work and paying them five dollars a day to do that. it gets better for work or bike to work for more than six months the incentives doubles to 10 bucks a day. >> especially going home, you know, during rush hour traffic , i don't to have get in line, but there is not lines of traffic, to get home. >> would i do this but i'm afraid to mess my hair up. company's director says it pay s off because workers will have more energy and be healthier. we will be right
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...what are you doing?? i don't need all this. mucinex fast-max can handle most of my symptoms. name one. how about nine? even... yea - i can read. we're done here. mucinex fast-max cold, flu & sore throat fights 9 symptoms. let's end this. more than 50 million people across the northeast are feeling effects from the powerful nor'easter. >> chris van cleve has the store friday new york's central park. >> reporter: wet, heavy snow created white out conditions for drivers in fishkill, new
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york. one to 3 inches of snow fell, for per hour. snowplows tried to keep up but they were no match as over a foot of snow felon parts of the new york and across pennsylvania. hazardous conditions along interstate 80 in pennsylvania caused molted i am car wrecks, several tractor trailers slid off the highways and several people were hurt. at philadelphia international airport, the storm temporarily halted flight operation as crews worked to clear runways. in new york city area residents not only got heavy snow but also, experienced, thunder snow which made usually unimpressed new yorkers take notice. >> wow. >> reporter: this is second nor'easter to slam the area in less than a week, millions of people from new york, to maine are still in its path. utility crews in new jersey have been working 16 hour shifts since monday to restore power, new jersey governor phil murphy. >> folks are frustrated enough
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, count me among them we have to do a post mortem and how we can still have 20,000 outages. >> reporter: in new york, american a manor is going on her sixth day, she lost power during friday's storm. >> food spoiled and had to be thrown away, it has been a complete, total disaster. >> reporter: when the storm moves out parts of the new york city could see a foot of snow, schools in many places will be closed and power crews will be contends with high gusting winds as they try to get the lights back on. chris van cleve, cbs news, insuring. just a mess for everybody across the northeast, the great news is, we are in for a much quieter day here across the delaware and lehigh valleys. let me take you to a live look right now of center city. you can see snow piles on the sides of the roadways budd we are dealing with wet roads as we are waking up this morning and 35 degrees. it does feel chillier when we
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factor in that breeze. it is 35 in allentown. thirty-three in reading. thirty-two in wilmington. we have seen that number dropping, in millville we are close to freezing right around 33 degrees. it feels like the 20's regional wide with the exception of the poconos where it feels like the teens. feels like 29 in allentown. twenty-four in reading. right around 24 degrees in wilmington, throughout the day-to-day we will see numbers on the rise, to around 41 as wee noon hour, trying to warm up, it will be breezy, feeling like the 30's, pretty much all day, mostly sunny heading in to 3:00 o'clock, 45 degrees, we will get lots of melting but in the meantime meisha i'm concerned about this morning with temperatures potentially, dropping below freezing, and slick spots on the roads. >> absolutely we are seeing sheen on the roadways not sure if it is wet, freezing, so absolutely you will to have take it very easy this morning we have had to take it easy for obvious reasons yesterday. same story to day but for different reasons. solve which will have refrozen
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over and give thaws black ice and we will see spin outs and problem spots. i got to say though so far, as we move toward that 5:00 o'clock hour we have not seen any accidents, i don't even want to say it, but we have in the seen any yet, so far, so good, the vine looking good westbound, eastbound looking all right, we have some road closures in mount laurel, for down wires, so, times three, hartford road is closed near wilmington, university, elbow lane closed near elbow lane and, church road closed. jim, over to you. coming up next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news" we are live in the cbs-3 mobile weather watcher with a preview what you can expect helping out the door today. >> plus we are seeing lots of video like this from yesterday 's storm, right now 10s of thousands people are without dark, we will update the hardest hit areas. michael jackson's daughter paris makes her big screen acting debut we will preview it. we are back at the top of the
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thousands of people are reeling after another powerful punch from mother nature we are live with efforts to get, homes back on the grid. the snow didn't go far what managed to melt refroze overnight. mobile weather watcher is checking conditions. you will want to give yourself plenty of extra time this morning. don't look now but there is a possibility, a possibility i will tell you of a three pete, my goodness, looking live at the parkway here in center city chelsea's keeping an eye on the potential for a third, nor'easter, in just a few days >> when it rains, it pores it t


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